fireworkA friend made a comment to me about Bonfire Night that had me thinking. If you went back a few years (make that decades) Bonfire night was invariably celebrated on 5th November. 

Well doh, I hear you say. Stating the bleeding obvious. But as the owner of 3 cats the occasion seems to have stretched across two weeks, especially when the 5th falls on a midweek date, meaning that we have to keep the cats in after dusk for ten days or more on the trot.

This was not an issue for me back as six year old. Partly because we never owned a cat (Mother had a phobia) but also because November the 5th was a date on the calender. It was the one night in the year that we set off fireworks.

As with many rural areas we had an annual community bonfire. Sunnyside Nurseries had both a suitable field and plenty of old wooden plant trays (the kind I saw recently on ebay being sold for a small fortune as antiques!) to build the ‘bonny’.

Tonight I have not heard any fireworks – perhaps because of the rain. More likely because most people wait for weekends – which is a shame. If there is a special day tied to a specific date then make it so.

It  is also unseasonably warm I don’t even have the heating turned on, which is unheard of in November but that is another issue.

It barely seems like Bonfire night at all.


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  1. I’m similarly a purist about the date. Over here the equivalent shindig is July 4, and our local council puts on its annual July 4 fireworks shindig on . . . the nearest Saturday night, or the one after that, if need be. It’s all wrong, wrong, wrong, I tell you.

    Mind you, I gather they’re having proper November 5 festivities in London tonight.


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