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Music From the Fifth Planet has lift off!

Front cover 01aToday is launch day for the fabulous Anne Nicholls’ stunning new collection titled  Music From the Fifth Planet which is published by The Alchemy Press!  We shall be sharing the event with the equally fabulous Stan Nicholls’ latest book: Orcs: Tales of Maras-Dantia  published by Ian Whate’s Newcon Press!516zYqx+0TL._AA324_PIkin4,BottomRight,-47,22_AA346_SH20_OU02_

Stan and Anne are Guests of Honour at Novacon, which is being held this weekend in Nottingham – so roll up for two fab books and enjoy!

We shall have ouf full catalogue of Alchemy Press titles available – so bring money!!!  See you there!



Music From the Fifth Planet

Music From the Fifth Planet by Anne Nicholls – launches this weekend at Novacon!

And  available for pre-order on Amazon now!

The Alchemy Press


Just a week away until Anne Nicholls’ new collection of her best short stories is published. The book — Music From the Fifth Planet — will be launched at Novacon in Nottingham, along with a collection from her husband and co-GOH Stan Nicholls (Orcs: Tales of Maras-Dantia published by NewCon Press).

Music From the Fifth Planet features an introduction by Justina Robson and a wraparound cover painting by David A Hardy.

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Something Fishy

imagesWe pick bottles shampoo and gels and other cosmetics off the shelves and worry about e numbers and palm oil and alike. But for some of us there are other hidden factors.

I have a severe fish allergy, which you would think is no huge problem in the scale (!) of things.

Avoid eating fish or seafood – job done. Continue reading


fireworkA friend made a comment to me about Bonfire Night that had me thinking. If you went back a few years (make that decades) Bonfire night was invariably celebrated on 5th November.  Continue reading

Crispy Crispins

fireHaving just passed Hallowe’en and its various misconceptions – of which I will write another time – we are fast approaching Bonfire Night.  Most folks across the UK will be thinking of the old rhyme. Remember, remember, the fifth of November. Some will even know the full version as repeated in the film V for Vendetta. Continue reading