On the Importance of Bears: A Guest Blog by Palmerston

The importance of being Palmerston – Misha H


Traveller in Time

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There has been a thread on Facebook recently about the importance of bear companions in a writer’s life. This has led me to invite a long time member of our ursine family to answer a few questions about his life and how he came to live with us. Initially reluctant to contribute Palmerston only agreed if I’d had this blog over to him, so here goes-

I Palmerston come from a long line of noble and important bears. My great, great, great etc. grandfather was known for dining off prime ministers. Well one in particular whose name is what I now have. Speaking personally I don’t go in for that sort of thing, as ‘avin a delicate constitution, I find that most ‘umans don’t go down well. They’re more useful in the day to day lookin after bears, which is what the mistress is quite good at.

She and Master understand the superior nature of us creatures, though…

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