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Ghosts at the Gladstone

Ghost Readings at the Gladstone Museum!

Renegade Writers

IMG_5494a01bToday’s reading event — Ghosts at the Gladstone — was a resounding success, with over 50 tickets allocated several days before the event. The afternoon featured over a dozen readings from members of Renegade Writers and Room in the Roof writing groups. The venue, the Gladstone Museum, is located in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, and well worth visiting if you have even the slightest interest in pottery and ceramics. The Alchemy Press and Penkhull Press also staged a book display (for sale, too).

Special thanks go to Jem Shaw for all the AV preparation, to ensure that there were stunning backgrounds to the readings.  The afternoon began with a “face-less” poem by Brenda Lawton, who sadly wasn’t able to attend. In the photo above, L to R: Neil Holland, Mike Chinn, Ralph Alcock, Judith Hollies, Andrew Roberts, Misha Herwin, Jan Edwards, Jem Shaw, Bev Adams, David Myers, Nic Hale, Malcolm Havard…

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Nick Nightmare Trailer

see the trailer for the award winning Nick Nightmare Investigate by Adrian Cole   HERE

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Nick Nightmare wins BFS award!

Adrian Cole’s Nick Nightmare Investigates Wins Award!

Nick Nightmare trailer


The Alchemy Press


We at The Alchemy Press are thrilled to announce that Adrian Cole’s collection Nick Nightmare Investigates was awarded the Best Collection Award presented by the British Fantasy Society. The news was announced over the FantasyCon 2015 weekend, and was presented to Adrian my Mistress of Ceremonies Juliet E McKenna.

Nick Nightmare Investigates was published late 2014 as a signed limited edition, and involved several people behind the project. We offer deep gratitude and thanks to Adrian, editor Mike Chinn (who also co-wrote one of the book’s stories), artists Bob Eggleton and Jim Pitts, designers Michael Marshall Smith and Stephen Jones, as well as Airgedlámh Publications’ Stephen Jones and David Sutton.

The book is available from The Alchemy Press.

Photo of Juliet E McKenna and Adrian Cole © Peter Coleborn

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New Joel Lane collection

Joel Lane Collection in Planning

The Alchemy Press

Joel Lane

Joel Lane died suddenly nearly two years ago. He left behind a legacy of stories, poems, articles and novels. In addition, he was always making notes for future projects, both stories and poems. His unfinished work takes the form mostly of hand-written notes. Some of these are extensive plans, others are scraps of ideas. In some cases, the first paragraph was written. It is difficult to know if he ever went back to them or if they were abandoned for another time, or whether they were intended as a story, a poem or both. As a tribute to Joel, we are asking for anyone who would like to either finish one of his stories or to take an idea of his and write it in his style.

The full details are here.

We have already received many enquiries and statements of interest in this project. We will start sending out copies…

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Sweeping up the Luck

CHIMNEY SWEEPThose who read my blog will know that I am a student of folklore. Continue reading

Ghost Stories

Ghost stories (blog by Misha Herwin)

Misha Herwin

Creepy House. It’s that time of year again. The shadows grow longer, the days colder. We light fires and candles, close our doors against the night and tell tales to terrify ourselves. Why when the darkness presses against the windows and the winds howl do we concentrate on our fears? The terror of the unknown, the closeness of death and decay?

For the rest of the year we keep these thoughts at bay. It is only when we feel most vulnerable to the in-definable, to the spirits that we don’t really believe in, to the afterlife we hope exists, but of which we can find no evidence, that we indulge in an orgy of spine chilling stories.

We seem to have a need to allow ourselves to be afraid, but it has to be in a manageable way. In the end we know that the story is just that, a piece of…

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On the Importance of Bears: A Guest Blog by Palmerston

The importance of being Palmerston – Misha H


Traveller in Time

Palmerston 1Palmerston 2

There has been a thread on Facebook recently about the importance of bear companions in a writer’s life. This has led me to invite a long time member of our ursine family to answer a few questions about his life and how he came to live with us. Initially reluctant to contribute Palmerston only agreed if I’d had this blog over to him, so here goes-

I Palmerston come from a long line of noble and important bears. My great, great, great etc. grandfather was known for dining off prime ministers. Well one in particular whose name is what I now have. Speaking personally I don’t go in for that sort of thing, as ‘avin a delicate constitution, I find that most ‘umans don’t go down well. They’re more useful in the day to day lookin after bears, which is what the mistress is quite good at.

She and Master understand the superior nature of us creatures, though…

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