Research and Question

Police using flames at Marble Arch to direct the traffic in London smog 1952I read a piece out at Renegade Writers last night and two questions arose from it that I could not recall researching at time of writing (which admittedly was a while back.)

The first was the use of the word ‘Smog’ in a story set in 1932 and the other was the existence of Fish and Chip bars at that time.

Now I love a bit of research. It is one reason why I  can take so long in writing. I just get caught up in the facts!  So the moment I got home it was out with the laptop and looking those points up. (For my own peace of mind. I hate not knowing!)

For those interested to know the term smog  was recorded in use in 1905, and commercial deep fat fryers were in use during the 1920s and probably earlier (I could not find out much more in a casual sweep other than that Fish and Chips was viewed as a staple food during WW1 so I think we have to assume that to be the case.)0_street_views_-_kirkgate_and_coatfield_lane_scappaticcis_fish_and_chips_inside

Moral of this? Check my facts before a story sees light of day because there is always somebody out there who is going to ask…


  1. Fish and chips came in in the 1890’s, took over from shellfish as a staple. I think it was brought to Britain by Belgians, a bit like Italians who moved here to run cafes in the 1860-70’s.


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