Everything Is Going Swimmingly

It was in the new year that I promised myself I would start a new weekly swim regime.   True to my pledge I did I finally got around to it ….  tile 1Last week I started the regime!  because of various health issues most exercise (running, aerobics – even walking any distance) is frequently not an option swimming is a good compromise.


I asked one of the pool life guards how many lengths would make a mile. He was, of course, too young to think non-metric and after a  few moments thought assured me that one mile would be 56 lengths.

I gulped – and decided that a half, or even a quarter, was more my limit. I had in fact swum 24 lengths and though disappointed at being just short of a half decided to call it a day.

This week I had just completed 14 lengths and was struggling a little so stopped in the shallow end for a breather.

I was standing in the shallow end, leaning against  pool wall with hands on knees and head bowed to relieve the crick in my neck caused by so much breast stroke (spondylosis – yes, I am falling apart) when the senior pool attendant came and kneel beside me asking with some concern  if I was all right and did I need any help.

Yes I have my health problems , but hey – way to make a girl feel good!

She was doing her job of course, and I was impressed by her obvious concern, and having assured her that I was not about to expire in her watch I said that I was attempting to swim a half mile per session – and that as it was something of  a stretch for me I had to rest now and then.

I completed my second set of 14 lengths and was dead chuffed at reaching target, and as I got out mentioned this to the life guard.

’28 lengths is not a half mile,’ she said. ‘You need 58 lengths for a mile and  24 for the half.’

Seems I had done 4 lengths more than needed – but I am not complaining! Mission accomplished!

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