All Quiet On The Edwards Front

Editing Blues 2I seem not to have had time to write blogs over the past month – mainly due to a massive backlog of projects and looming deadlines! So it has been heads down and working like stink!

First of all several short stories written for markets and sent off to editors.

Then three  manuscripts to read and edit for Penkhull Press and two for Alchemy Press (third one to do for Alchemy when I get the chance.)

I have read through edits made on my own second collection Fables and Fabulations due out soon; I have just completed a massive rewrite on a crime novel in the making after editorial comments  by Penkhull editors (I still have the three final chapters to write and need it done by end of the month – mid oct latest!). A  I have novel sitting in the IN tray with edits made by an editor that I have not even had time to look at much less work on…

A novel back from an editor which requires run through (deadline September)

There is another novel out there under scrutiny as I type which will doubtless also require work…


On the plus side I have at least three short stories coming out in various anthologies (hopefully)  between now and Christmas:

‘Jamesian Conundrum’, The Mammoth Book of the Adventures of Moriarty: The Secret Life of Sherlock Holmes’s Nemesis, Constable Robinson (UK)

‘Bone Wary’, Tales From The Lake: vol 2  Crystal Lake Publishing.

‘The Decks Below’, Terror Tales of the Ocean,  Gray Friar Press,.

Plus one other still to be announced out in early 2016.

So yes, I have been quiet, but by no means inactive!

I like deadlines! Keeps me on the hop!



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