Miss Dilly & Co

All has been quiet here through the summer as the three monsters spend their time out doors or sleeping on the bed!dilly-queen-small

This morning I was at my computer and Miss Dilly was sitting on the window sill in the hallway a few paces away, when she started yowling.  Knowing that a tabby tom cat  new to the block had made several attempts to infiltrate Castle Coleborn I got up to see what had her swearing so loudly.

I was just in to time to see  Oberon sauntering toward the open window with a wriggling rodent in his jaws!

As I reached  the open section Miss Dilly slipped out to meet him. It took the merest flick of the hand and  *clunk*  all access was closed!

“Foiled” I yelled at them both. “No chasing live mice around the house today!”

Oberon stood there for a moment – staring me in the eye – and proceeded to play catch with his unfortunate rodent victim – until he spotted Miss Dilly sneaking a stealthy progress from under the patio table.

*snap* and mousey was no more .  Oberon proceeded to eat it – starting at the head, whilst Miss Dilly watched with acute interest.

He left her the tail and back feet. So generous…

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