Sugar and the Supermarket Supersaves

Listening to the radio this morning, and the long item on Cake on the verge of cracking upregulating/educating the nation’s diet with a sugar tax, I picked a supermarket at random and looked at their half price offers for the week.

Of the twelve items listed nine were food related:

Coca cola
Tropicana orange
Richmond Sausages
PG Tips

Six of the twelve are loaded with sugar – yes, even the orange juice, which is essentially sugar water with a touch of vit c when all of the fibre has been removed. We should also bear in mind that a number of artificial sweeteners possess health warning of their very own.

Four are loaded with fats, leaving  only the tea bags as even remotely healthy – though the jury is out on the high caffeine in tea (also present in the Cola).

So before loading the public at large with yet another tax one has to wonder if perhaps tackling the supermarkets, and their poor record on the active promotion of  unhealthy foods, would be a better first step?

Just a thought…


  1. Here in Italy there are now more and more ‘diet’ products creeping onto the shelves laden with artificial sweetners. Last year it was almost impossible in our area to find diet coke/pepsi, now the shops are full of own brands along with the well known brands


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