Launches at Edge Lit

Edgelit launch for Monsters and Evocations saturday 11th July

The Alchemy Press

monsters evocations

This is a (relatively) brief reminder of this weekend’s activities. We will be attending Edge Lit 4 (in the Quad in the centre of Derby) selling books and launching two new titles. Not only that, The Alchemy Press is proudly sponsoring the panel “Looking Back – How Much History Does Fantasy Fiction Need?” with Stephen Deas in the chair alongside panellists Joanne Harris, Tom Lloyd, Freda Warrington and Angus Watson. This panel starts at 11.30 am in Cinema 2.

Tickets for Edge Lit are almost gone so if you want to attend visit their website now.

In the afternoon – at 3.15 in the Green Room – we are launching two new collections: Monsters by Paul Kane and Evocations by James Brogden.

New York has alligators in its sewers; Birmingham has man-eating Octopuses in its canals. What sacrifices were offered in order to build the railway? Held captive in a…

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