A Once and Future Bookshop.

Indie Book Shops – reposted  from Misha Herwin’s blog

Traveller in Time

Durdam Downs bookhop

I love bookshops. I love the smell and the feel of them. At least I did until they all got to be great, big, huge chains, with no hidden corners or secret spaces where you could come upon mysterious books by writers you had never heard of.

In my childhood, George’s at the top of Park Street in Bristol, ranged over at least three, if not four stories. There were floors for fiction, religion, philosophy, mathematics and science and a whole basement given over to children’s books. You could spend a whole day there just browsing, discovering new authors, or getting lost in a book.

George’s however is long gone and scrolling through a list of independent bookshops in Bristol the only one I could find was the Durdam Down Bookshop. Family run for the past twenty years, unlike the others listed, it still sells new books. Not only that it plays…

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