Waspish Words

A couple of years ago we had a wasp nest in an air brick right under the front window. Now much as I hate destroying things for the hell of it there were just too many stinging-critters in the house so we had to destroy the nest. It took several attempts – they are tenacious little buggers!wasps

Today I asked peter to take a photo of the peony in the front garden. It is a rather special one which gives a stunning display every year.DSCN0276a02

Blooms a good hands span across in vivid pink and delicate cream.


What has that to do with wasps? Absolutely nothing- but stay with me…

Having the camera out in his hand as he wandered the front garden Peter started taking pics of other random things (as you do).

DSCN0292a02Roses for example.DSCN0288a02




And the house plaque (made by your truly).DSCN0285a02

Finally he came to a sculpture he had made himself at an evening class.  DSCN0291a02


A monster – obviously – this is Peter we are talking about. He was never going to make chintz plates or pretty flowers.

After taking a couple of shots he called me over with ‘that’ tone.
I knew something was up.
‘Look in there,’ he said.
Perched on the lip of the monster mouth was a wasp – guarding the entrance as others came and went – and inside is a sizable nest that is taking up all the sculpture’s interior.

This just yards from the kitchen door.

Like I said – I hate destroying living things – but it’s going to have to go! Just not until it sunset. Wasps are best tackled after dark when the little gits are asleep!


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