Ms Magneto – Killed the Laptop!

hazardLatest Ms Magneto – for a while the laptop has been doing odd things. Cutting out, freezing and processing generally with the alacrity of a cat on hash. 

Tonight it cut out five times in half an hour.

‘Peter’ – says I – ‘my laptop has died.’

Peter tries it – no problems. ‘It is fine’ says he. ‘It’s just you!’

So now  I cannot use my laptop as intended – it  is defying the trade descriptions act and refusing to work whilst on my lap!

My laptop is, in fact, being Janist!

Doubtless it will die completely quite soon – ho hum!


2 responses to “Ms Magneto – Killed the Laptop!

  1. I think you need some grander title, after this latest achievement, than merely “Ms Magneto”.

    The Marvel-style “Magneto Girl” would be good, but lacks . . . a certain gravitas. “Lady Magneto of the Spiral Galaxy” would have a nice cheesy E.E. Doc Smith quality, but lacks punch.

    Howsabout the hard-rockish “Death to Electrons”? Or the James-Bondish “Blofuse”? I’m sure your loyal readers must have many more suggestions.


    • I do so wish it was something I could control. That would so cool! Sadly its a random and fae ‘gift’ that strikes where it will…
      Quite like Blofuse – I have cats! Not white I grant you, but still… 🙂


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