Sussex Tales for Sussex Day

Sussex Day  is a thing –  it  is the county day for Sussex  and is celebrated on 16 June each year to celebrate the rich heritage and culture of   the most beautiful of counties. (Okay – I admit I am biased  – but if you have never been there you really should!) 

The event takes place on 16th June – St Richard’s Day, the feast day of St Richard of Chichester – the county’s patron saint and celebrates St Richard’s body being placed in the elaborate shrine at the Chichester Cathedral on 16 June 1276.

Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed smallSo – nothing to do with saints – but what better way to celebrate Sussex Day than reading Sussex Tales!   (available HERE – paper and kindle editions).

“An irresistibly charming little book runs a witty and thought provoking gamut of village events and its more curious characters. From fanged ferret to bulls in lead masks; ancient hand grenades to exploding ginger beer; cricketing dogs to wassailing orchards – Sussex Tales weaves traditional country wines, recipes, folklore and Sussex dialect into these natural tales of living a farming childhood in the vanished world of 1950s and 60s rural life. ”



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