Let them Eat Cake – Eventually…

cakeI have used one particular Mary Berry Carrot Cake recipe dozens of times and it has never let me down. So, as I am supplying the cake as my contribution to the comestibles for an all day writer’s meeting tomorrow, it seemed the logical choice to present, especially as it is the first time I have been to this group and only know two of them.

As Peter could quite possible cry if I didn’t make some for him  for tomorrow (or pout at the very least) I doubled the mix – again something I have done many times before with no problems.

Everything mixed, cake tins lined etc – and oh dear. The cake batter looked very ‘runny’.

I ran through the process in my head. Did I double up the flour quantity properly?  I thought I had – yet the evidence before me seemed to say otherwise.

I took deep breath, weighed out more flour and mixed it in.
Now to be fair the cake has cooked – and it looks ‘okay’ but it does not look ‘right’.

Okay – so its back to the drawing board and cook yet another cake. The ones I have are edible – and there is always the freezer. They will not go to waste, BUT…

This means more time in the kitchen on a very warm day. Added to which Peter and I have embarked on a 5.2 diet – and this being diet day – it is really not what I wanted to be doing!

They might be reject cakes but the  smell is still  making me soooooo very very hungry!


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