Unblocking the Wordage and Verbiage

download (1)My current project has been stuck for a week or so.  Jammed up in a plethora of possibilities that never quite work when run through  my internal cinema.  Remember those days of Saturday morning showings at the Regal that would suddenly halt – with cowboys  held on mid-leap after static steers, or vast tentacled beasts frozen in mid-clutch for their human prey? Well, maybe  not quite like that – but not far off.

Plot-jam is never a good place to be. It results in many hours lost in staring at the screen, or else  indulging in displacement activities on an epic scale.

The final strait was being run , yet the ending I had envisaged kept moving further away, or else tilting into a different plane.  It happens now and then, and I really should know the answer by now.

Never mind PCs and tablets and electronica in general. I plainly needed to go old school! Print the damn thing off and spread it all over the carpet – then spend an afternoon swapping the order of various sheets and smother them with  semi-legible notes and an entire pack of Post-its.

Nothing like properly printed word for getting things into perspective.  Perhaps it is a part of my dyslexia but seeing words where I expect to see them – printed on a paper page – always places things into perspective. The tangles of plot with various possibilities are suddenly clear (or clearer at the very least). “I think she’s got it” they cry!  And I think I do finally have it sorted out – in my mind at least.

Whether it works in practice, and I really am racing to the finish only time will tell, but for now it is “onward and upward” and trust that this current wordage log jam  has shifted!

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