Miss Dilly & co. : Revenge of the Earman

ya booYesterday Oberon was not well. He moped around the place with head on one side and plainly had an earache. I got some drops for him. On application he shot off with a banshee howl and vanished out into the garden for several hours to sulk.

Later that day…  some ghastly cat or other brought a mouse in – live. I know this because when I was sitting in bed reading before going to sleep I noticed that Miss Dilly, Betty Poop and Oberon were all sitting around the bottom of the bookcase like furry mediums at a séance. Occasionally one would get up to peer down the small gap at the back of the case,  perhaps insert a paw in a rather desultory fashion, before resuming ‘mousewatch’.

Peter tried poking a cane down the slot to flush out our visitor but to no avail, and with  nothing to be done until morning  short of dismantling the furniture we went to sleep.Dilly queen small

Not a good start to the night.

Now we shall draw a veil over Oberon and Betty having a scrap on the middle of our bed at 2.30 am and move on. (I had to turn the light on and wack them with a pillow to break it up – Peter never stirred, despite the fact that they were rolling around on his legs!  Miss Dilly, of course, was nowhere to be seen as she would never lower herself to brawling in a (semi) public place!)

At 4am I was awoken by mouse-shrieks – to find Oberon peering down at me with a flailing rodent in his jaws! Having ascertained that I had seen his trophy he stalked off – one assumes to eat said kill because there is not sign of a corpse anywhere in the house now.

I am not worried that cats catch and kill mice. That is what cats do. I am not ‘so’ worried that they tussle in the middle of the night and wake me up. That again is the lot of the cat hotelier.

No, what bugs me is that I am allergic to mice and having a rodent dangled in my face has set the allergies off a treat. I can barely see the computer screen – despite the eye baths and anti-histamines (sigh)

This was, of course, a blatant revenge for the ear drops.

For a Faery king there are times when Oberon can be so petty!

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