Mobile-icide of Ms Magneto

hazardI suspect I may have killed my mobile phone…

As I can’t carry it about my person – which rather leans toward being  the purpose of them – I barely use it,  and would hesitate to jump to conclusions. It has to be said, however, that the signs are not good.

It has been showing a ‘Limited Service’ message for a week or so,  and the last message received on it arrived some 30 hours after it was sent to me.

Why has it taken so long to ask the question? Because our house is buried into the side of a hill which makes signal strength for mobiles generally pretty poor at the best of times.

The last time I had the mobile on me was about a week ago when I put it in my pocket when I was gardening and did not want to miss an expected call.

If it were just out of credit (it is a non-contract phone) it should still receive calls, but apparently is giving out of service messages… so I suspect I will have to bow to the inevitable and get a new one.

Dammit.  Another gadget falls beneath the dastardly powers of Ms Magneto.

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