Miss Dilly & co: Weather Forecaster and Oberon the Foul

dilly-queen-smallWho needs the Met Office when you have cats?

Today is one of those day when Miss Dilly curls up in the very centre of the futon bed and declares it a  day of sleep, and you just know it will be wet and dreary morning for the morning at the very least.

If disturbed she will open one eye and mew peevishly before snuggling her face back  into her upturned paw for a resumed heavy duty sleeping stint. She is in the for duration. She hates getting wet and in such circumstances is as  delicate as any lady of leisure that haunted Jane Austen’s drawing rooms and soirees.

Miss Betty has taken over the main bedroom for similar reasons…   though without the paw-face touch.

ya booBut Master Oberon?  He is no Regency Gentleman!

Having been let in from the garden through the side window. He marches into my study, yowling for attention   and jumps onto my desk.

Now Oberon always assumes for some odd reason that white sheets of paper are placed there for the wiping of paws. So, it being such a wet day, and he having just walked across the flower beds, our Faery Prince(…)  proceeds to stomp over every sheet he can find – including the leaflets I had printed off ready for next week’s reading gig at Leek Library!!!

‘Nooooooooooooooo’, shouts I as I grabbed him around the middle and swept him up off the desk top in a desperate attempt at damage limitation.

It is at this point that he deploys his master weaponry… Gas attack!

Is there anything worse than a flatulent cat? I doubt it. No dog  five times his size could match it.  I have always held the notion he is part skunk!

Evacuation of the study was immediate – returning with the biggest economy sized can of  air freshener to hand!

Never squeeze an habitually flatulent cat in the middle – how ever gently – it never ends well…



6 responses to “Miss Dilly & co: Weather Forecaster and Oberon the Foul

  1. Reblogged this on Misha Herwin and commented:
    And Seren walks in with dirty paws and wet fur. Why can’t she stay inside when it’s wet?


  2. Oh, the gas attack. He’s a sly one!


  3. Golly – he’s hell-bent on mischief judging from that pic, what a look!


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