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Guest Writer : Freda Warrington

fredaauthorFreda Warrington is a British author best known for her epic fantasy, vampire and supernatural novels. Four of her novels have been nominated for the British Fantasy Society’s Best Novel award.

Her novel, Elfland, published by Tor, won the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award in the Fantasy Novel category for 2009. Her latest book, The Dark Arts of Blood is the long-awaited, brand-new fourth book in the much-loved Blood Books series.



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Unblocking the Wordage and Verbiage

download (1)My current project has been stuck for a week or so.  Jammed up in a plethora of possibilities that never quite work when run through  my internal cinema.  Remember those days of Saturday morning showings at the Regal that would suddenly halt – with cowboys  held on mid-leap after static steers, or vast tentacled beasts frozen in mid-clutch for their human prey? Well, maybe  not quite like that – but not far off. Continue reading

Clear Gold!

Clear Gold by Misha Herwin is out!

Misha Herwin

Clear Gold Cover

She’s out there! Mouse has made her way into the world. “Clear Gold” the first book in my trilogy for YA is out as an e book, with the print copy to follow shortly.

In a world where water is more precious than gold, Mouse is a fighter. She’s a girl who wants to make her way out of the narrow confines of the Town, where everyone has their set place in society. She’d curious about everything and resents the way in which The Olds restrict knowledge to a chosen few.

The story began because I wanted to explore what would happen if we ran short of the most vital element on this planet, but Mouse soon took over and it was her character and the way in which she deals with her situation that kept me writing.

And now the book is done and it’s up to my readers to decide whether…

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Alchemy Press April/May Newsletter

The Alchemy Press April/May Newsletter

The Alchemy Press

monsters evocations

Sorry, we’re a bit late this time. Blame the balmy spring weather (well, it’s not raining today). When we can drag ourselves away from the garden and the (occasional) sunshine there are many books in the Alchemy Press edit/production room, to be added to the list over the following months. Imminent are:

  • Monsters by Paul Kane, with an introduction by Nicholas Vince (with fabulous cover art by Clive Barker).
  • Evocations by James Brogden, a collection of this fine writer’s horror and weird tales.

Monsters will be published in two editions – the hardcover coming with a special gift! These books will be launched at Edge Lit in Derby this coming July

Also in the pipeline for 2015 are collections from Anne Nicholls, Marion Pitman and others (real goodies in the line up, we promise).

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Cake on the verge of cracking up.

Cracking good cake

Misha Herwin

Cake on the verge of cracking up

I love baking and trying out new recipes, so when I knew I was hosting a meeting of Penkhull Press I flicked through my cookery files and found a recipe for a chocolate and ale cake. It was one on Delia’s and with a Delia Smith recipe you can’t go wrong. Or can you?

It all began well. Making the cake was easy. Just put all the ingredients in together and whisk. In the meantime melt the chocolate with the Guinness, beat in the butter and chopped pecans and use to stick the two cakes together. The remaining, pecan less icing, went on top. Simple!

Not so. :-((

Icing has never been my strong point. I’m a throw it together cook and hope it tastes good. On Master Chef I’d be thrown out for my total lack of presentation skills. My attempt at decorating this cake however, wasn’t bad.


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Miss Dilly & co. : Revenge of the Earman

ya booYesterday Oberon was not well. He moped around the place with head on one side and plainly had an earache. I got some drops for him. On application he shot off with a banshee howl and vanished out into the garden for several hours to sulk. Continue reading

Urban Mythic 2 reviewed

Urban Mythic 2 reviewed!

The Alchemy Press

Urban Mythic 2

Ian Hunter has reviewed The Alchemy Press Book of urban Mythic 2  for the latest issue of Interzone(# 258). It’s a fantastic, complimentary review, one that ends with his asking for volume three. Can’t be bad.

Of Tanith Lee’s story: “…beautifully written and quite, quite shudderingly horrible.”

Of K T Davies’ story: “…opens with some of the best writing I’ve read in a long time.”

Of Adrian Tchaikovsky’s tale: “What is really enjoyable about this story is the voice…”

And of Sarah Ash’s story: “…so well written you hope both of them will get together…”

And more…

Urban Mythic 2, along with the first volume, is available via Amazon and other good online stores.

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