Miss Dilly & co : Guard Cat

dilly-queen-smallSitting here a few minutes ago, getting into writing mode, when *plonk* *clatter* *flutter* *bang*  – a large wood pigeon landed on the study window sill.

Now this is no mean feat for a bird that size when the sill is narrow, sloping and, being, a modern UPVC replacement,  totally without purchase of any kind for pigeonish feet.

Miss Dilly, sitting on the rug a few feet away, began to growl.This is not unusual for her as she growls at all interlopers that approach the front of the house: other cats; postmen; delivery drivers…

The pigeon peered  into the  window, its beak tapping on the glass as it turns its head this way and that in an effort to see what is inside.

Miss Dilly  crouched on the mat, tail swishing, muttering dire imprecations in the most guttural of cattese. And then…

WHAM. She launched her self at the window – hit the top of the chest; slipped on the pile of papers heaped thereon and slammed into the window nose first.

The Pigeon fell of the window sill in a flurry of feathers and flapped across to the pub roof about thirty yards distance and waddled away.

I came very close to falling off my chair laughing.

Miss Dilly gave me one of her *looks* – still muttering under her breath – and stalked off to sulk.

I dared to laugh -she was not amused…


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