Paint Spatter

GardenindI have been a little lax with blogging for the past week.   Life has been a bit of a rush.  Gardening, of course, is in full spate with the annual attack on borders and shrubberies. Not to mention revamping the strawberry beds. 

We went to the  Dysprosium convention in London last weekend. An odd event.  Book sales were not as good as at other events – mainly, I suspect, due to the poor lay out of the book/sales rooms, and as always the hotel bar prices made it an expensive couple of days (the food in the Park Inn was also pretty naff). But did catch up with some friends, which is always a pleasure.

This weekend is DIY weekend. Whilst Peter was  beating seven bells out of the sitting room wall to remove ancient  blown plaster (so ancient that is contains horse hair as a binding medium) I have been painting the woodwork in the bathroom. A restful sage green rather than the quite dark blue that it was before.  It will need second coat but not looking bad.  I am thinking the bath panel needs something ‘extra’. A stencil or two,  perhaps?  And perhaps a few transfers to break up the white tiles, but other wise not looking too bad.

Though quite how I managed to get gloss paint on the ceiling is a bit of a mystery…

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