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Miss Dilly & co : Guard Cat

dilly-queen-smallSitting here a few minutes ago, getting into writing mode, when *plonk* *clatter* *flutter* *bang*  – a large wood pigeon landed on the study window sill.

Now this is no mean feat for a bird that size when the sill is narrow, sloping and, being, a modern UPVC replacement,  totally without purchase of any kind for pigeonish feet.

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David A Sutton interviewed

David A Sutton on writing.

The Alchemy Press

David Sutton

How long have you been writing and how did you get started?

Although I’ve never earned a living professionally as a writer, I have been a writer for around 47 years. Phew. I began writing poetry and satirical pieces, the latter for a small press alternative magazine called Outside which I edited with two friends. I printed the ’zine on an old, hand-cranked Rex Rotary duplicating machine. It lasted two issues, as it was difficult to sell on the streets of Birmingham in 1966! And as a genre editor I’ve been at it almost as long – I began my fiction review fanzine Shadow in 1968.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing, and does it come in useful for your stories?

When I’m not writing I’m usually rambling – not always in the inebriated sort of way! I’m a member of Birmingham Ramblers and we…

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Pow-Wow Festival of Writing in Moseley was an excellent event!

The Alchemy Press

DSCF1198b by Mike Chinn

Yesterday — Sunday 26 April — we made our way down the M6 to the PowWow Festival of Writing, held in the garden (under canvas, which helped shade us from the brilliant sunshine!) of the Prince of Wales pub in Moseley, Birmingham. The event was superbly organised by Andy Killeen and his team.

We had a stall that showed off many of our wonderful titles. Peter also took part in a panel discussion of the way publishing is changing in the digital age.

Check out our new events page — when and where we’re at (!!!). 

Photo  (Peter Coleborn [for Alchemy Press], Andrew Killeen [Scrolla] and Jim Hinks [MacGuffin]) (c) Mike Chinn

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Dr Who – White Witch of Devil’s End

Release date for Dr Who adventure ‘White Witch of Devil’s End’ is now 31st August 2015 according to the Galaxy 4 site.  Everything crossed!

Jan Edwards

Very much looking forward to the Dr Who spin off DVD White Witch of Devil’s End  appearing soon!

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Guest Writer Spots

Guest blogs can be the best way to find those authors who may just be your cuppa!

So join in the fun! Fire up imaginations and spread the word.

Open to all published authors and  artists (indie or trad).  All you need to take part is a new or recently re-published title (2015).

If you would like to join the circle  please do send me you blog on topic of choice (Keep it clean and legal!)

Or else answer my standard Q&A click  HERE

Just about any and all styles and genres considered – BUT no porn,  politics, religion, torture porn.

Part works (trilogies etc.) should include details of previous books.

I shall look forward to hearing from you all!


Pow Wow Lit Fest in Birmingham – 26th April

PowWow Festival of Writing 2015
Sunday April 26th at The Prince of Wales, Moseley, Birmingham, B13 8EE

Alchemy Press title will be available to buy!

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Conan Doyle Con 30th May

arthurconandoyle-140x140KnightWatch Press are holding the Conan Doyle Con in Birmingham this May. Taking place on the 30th in The City Tavern, fans of Conan Doyle will be able to enjoy a fun day of panels and discussions about various Conan Doyle characters, from Professor Challenger to Sherlock Holmes.

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