Miss Dilly & co : Spring is Here, The Mice Are Out

dilly-queen-smallSpring is officially here as Miss Dilly brings in her first young mouse of the season.

Last night Peter opened the back door and she shot in like a bat, straight into the sitting room – looked right at me and spat  a small  and very much live mouse onto the carpet.

Now I am not worried by mice – I quite like them in many respects –  fascinating creatures.  But …  I am highly allergic to them!

Hence my shouting for Peter to come and remove it. (One touch and I would start swelling up like Howard Wolowitz on peanuts!)

Meeces are fast – and with a vigilant Miss Dilly skittering around ths place this one had every reason to hide with all speed.

Which it did duly…

So far as I know its still in the sitting room somewhere. Lurking!

We shall just have to wait until I start sneezing to track it down!

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