Clean(ish) Reading in Sussex

Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed smallSussex Tales has, on occasion, fallen foul of internet firewalls.

This – in my experience –  is usually down to software installed by companies or schools attempting to limit staff/pupils web browsing the juicy stuff in work/school-  or else to filter sexploitational spam.

Poor old Sussex is rejected purely because it contains SEX?  🙂

I am sure anyone hailing from a number of other counties/towns/ regions will have come across the same problem on occasion.  Middlesex. Sussex, Wessex and Essex to name but a few.

(Interestingly wordpress spellcheck does not recognise Middlesex –  but we shall draw a veil over that at this point.)

We now have the prospect of ebooks being similarly censored by an app, that apparently substitutes ‘naughty’ words for ‘safer’ variations. This is an outrageous prospect in any society – that a random puritan can change a writer’s words without permission.

Now  – with Sussex Tales in mind – the lunch time subject for today was possible variations that might occur:

  • Sus-bedtime Tales
  • Sus-bottom Tales
  • Sus-coitus Tales
  • Sus-heavypetting Tales
  • Sus-may-contain-adult-content Tales

Just a sample of the possibilities we came up with.  The potential variations got smuttier by the minute!

Okay, dirty minds are a possibility here, coupled with the UK slang implications for anything preceded by  ‘sus’ …

It would appear that  good old  Sussex could potentially circumnavigate the entire problem quite neatly by offering alternatives a whole lot raunchier than the original.

Yay! for Sussex –  God’s own county!

Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed smallSussex Tales runs a witty and thought-provoking gamut of village events and of its more curious characters. From fanged ferrets to bulls in lead masks; ancient hand grenades to exploding ginger beer; cricketing dogs to wassailing orchards, Sussex Tales weaves traditional country wines and recipes, folklore and local dialect, into stories of a farming childhood in the vanished world of 1950’s and 60’s rural life.




  1. Apparently CR was substituting ‘love’ for ‘sex’, so Suslove Tales. Some of its other offerings were ridiculous – Groinfosters or Sbottomthorpe anyone?


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