That AARGH Moment – Near Death of a Laptop

imagesWorking on my crime novel late last night using my admittedly quite old laptop and got that dreaded ‘10% power left’ message.

Not a problem. I have forgotten to turn on the power any number of times and got low, so  I began checking everything over.

I went through the usual stuff:

  • Power on at the wall plug – check
  • Power light showing on the power supply – check
  • Wiggle connector in case it is loose – check
  • Turn off and reboot – check

But  all appeared – to paraphrase Timothy Leary – to be  ‘turned on’, ‘tuned in’ – and by then, alas, also ‘dropped out’.   It is around midnight and the battery all but dead with the laptop grey screened and power at 3%.

I closed the lid, uttering various expletives and contemplated the expense of buying a replacement. Put it down to the solar eclipse, or my mutant powers or just technical failure – it was dead. Nothing to be done.

So  … this morning I took the laptop into the kitchen,  sat the machine on the worktop and powered it up.


We have charge!

cableIt seems on this occasion I had not worked my evil magic on the laptop but on the humble extension cable – and killed it stone dead – which at least won’t cost anything near as much to replace!

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