Innsmouth on His Mind – Dead Water and Other Weird Tales

dead-water-cover-003cFreudian slips always have a root to be tripped over.   Peter has been up to his chin in Kindle files as he prepares the latest three Alchemy titles for launch this friday. 

At lunch time  I made a passing comment about needing a decent broom to clear the moss from the garden paths .

Me: I need to go to a farm shop and buy a decent broom – the ones at the hardware shop are not strong enough.

Peter: Oh yes, there’s one over at Innsmouth…

Cue hysterical laughter.  He meant  the farm supplies at Ipstones, just a mile or two away, but clearly his head was still firmly fixed in the kindle files being made for Dead Water and Other Weird Tales (by David A Sutton)!


Book launch at the Briar Rose, Bennetts Hill, Birmingham – friday 13th March!

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