Guest Writer – Dean M Drinkel

dean-drinkelThis week’s writer is Dean M Drinkel –  poet, theatre writer, director and award winning filmmaker. Dean has recently published The Grimorium Verum: Volume 3 (Tres Librorum Prohibitorum) through Western Legends Press.

Currently his anthology Kneeling in the Silver Light with Alchemy Press is on special price with Amazon! His other recent title is Phobophobias, also through Western Legends Press.  

df637-kneelinginthesilverlight2grimorium   aphob single

Tell us a little about yourself and your writing
Hey! I’m Dean M Drinkel and I’m proud to say that I’m a horror writer! I also compile / edit genre anthologies for a number of publishers around the world. I’m heavily influenced by Clive Barker and it’s always an honour when reviewers compare my work to his, particular the earlier stories such as those found in his Books of Blood. Yes of course I have my own voice but he’s the reason why I do what I do…it was a real milestone for me when I was able to direct one of his plays (Frankenstein in Love) in London a couple of years back (oh, I’d better mention here then that as well as the writing I also direct for the theatre and in film). I’d love to work in Clive’s universe again sometime in the future…watch this space!!!!

What is the root of your current book / story?
As usual I have loads going on at the moment. I’ve just had The Grimorium Verum published by Western Legends Press. It is the final in the Tres Librorum Prohibitorum series of anthologies. Western Legends have been brilliant to me – so I’ll raise a glass of red wine to both John Palisano and DT Griffith for letting me play in their backyard. In 2014 they also picked up my Phobophobias anthology after the original publishers sadly folded. Kneeling in the Silver Light with Alchemy Press  also came out in 2014. But, to actually answer the question, I am currently working on a number of projects, primarily Curse Of The Vampire, which I’m writing for Hersham Horror / Peter Mark May. It is a novella and my story (The House Of The Flowers) is set in Paris and is a very very dark take on the vampire mythology. Despair is certainly the word which springs to mind when I think about Lucien, the main character. It was an honour to be involved in this series and I really appreciate Peter asking me along for the ride.

Do you have music playing when you write? What are your tracks of choice?
Great question – music is very important to me anyway, particularly when writing. My routine (for want of a better word) when I start a new project is to buy a bunch of CDs which I can then gain inspiration from. So for example, this vampire novella has been heavily influenced by Marilyn Manson, Sia, Bjork, Mozart and Bryan Ferry. I once wrote a thesis about James Herbert’s The Magic Cottage and was constantly listening to Alison Moyet – if I hear one of her songs now, I’m immediately transport back to that time of my life…magical one could say ha ha.

Who would play you in a biopic?
I used to think Leonardo Dicaprio would nail me pretty well but as they years have gone by and I’ve become more of a Francophile…it would have to be someone French…okay, let’s go for Vincent Rottiers (check him out, he’s bloody brilliant). He inspires me a lot and he’s got the brightest of blue eyes…odd actually now that I mention that: when I was born my eyes were blue (same as everyone else I guess) but then they turned brown…HOWEVER, as I’ve got older they’ve gone rather greenish…weird. If he was younger Trevor Eve, he has a certain arrogance that I often recognise in myself!

Have you ever included people you know (disguised or not) in your fiction?
A trillion per cent yes. An example of this is/are the characters in my collection Through A Forest Dark (originally published by DCP but now re-released through Lycopolis Press). They are totally based upon real people – I’d better not say who because I’m getting angry just by typing this ha ha – but where it goes a little askew though is – at that time (and I continue to do so actually) I was listening to a great young British band called The Vamps, the lead singer (whom I mention in the collection’s dedication) is called Bradley…the main character in Forest, a right asshole is also called Bradley…when the book originally came out I noticed that and when “Oh Oh”. I didn’t want people to put two and two together and draw the wrong conclusion so Bradley Will Simpson, if you’re reading this (and I’m sure you are)…you are definitely not an asshole, far from it in fact…

What are you currently reading?
I’ve got a couple of books on the go – a brilliant biography of Napoleon; a biography on William Burroughs and also a short story collection by Aleister Crowley called The Drug & Other Stories.

Who are some of your favourite authors and what is it about their work that appeals?
Clive Barker. Arthur Rimbaud. William Burroughs…stuff that’s a bit out there! I was also a great fan of James Herbert.

If you could have dinner with any writer in your field (past or present) who would it be and why?
I seem to remember, back in the dim and distant past that there was a TV programme on, I think it was called the Horror Café? Anyway, if memory serves, there were a load of horror writers sitting around a large table chewing the cud and what I say now I saw with the greatest of affection – Ramsey Campbell was one of these and man, he couldn’t stop eating and drinking! Even my parents said to me (I was far too young to be watching a programme like this on my own apparently!) “Who is this man? He hasn’t got much to say has he, but then I’m not surprised because his mouth is always full!” Whenever I see Ramsey now at conventions etc that memory always services…so okay, if I was going to do something similar, the attendees would be: Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, James Herbert, Rob Zombie, Lloyd Kaufman (TROMA Films), Doug Bradley, Arthur Rimbaud, Jean Genet, William Burroughs, Marilyn Manson, Justin Bieber (as he inspired my Sixteenth Chapel stories!) and myself. An unholy twelve if there was ever one.

Conventions: when and where
Hoping to do Fantasycon again this year; Cannes Film Festival in May, Monaco in December. I’m also looking to do some day events throughout the year…so if anyone can recommend one or two, then please let me know.

What are you up to next?
Well, mentioned the vampire novella, IMMEDIATE plans include (deep breath): an anthology for Knightwatch Press (Masks); two anthos for Lycopolis Press (TITANIC and Demonology); a French film script called Milou and a play / film about Napoleon II. I’m always busy busy busy.

For the record, I’m always keen to hear from writers if they’d like to get involved in some of the anthos I’m currently putting together – contact me here:

Right – I’m out of here, thanks for your time! Hope I entertained you, albeit for a brief moment in time…
…Dean M Drinkel

phob singlePhobophobias

Phobophobias continues the explorations of our darkest fears that started with the 2011 indie hit Phobophobia. Discover tales about Achluophobia (fear of the dark), Ecophobia (fear of one’s home), Keraunophobia (fear of thunder and lightning), Ombrophobia (fear of rain), Trichinophobia (fear of poisoning), Ygrophobia (fear of water) and Zelophobia (fear of jealousy) amongst many others.

Grimorium-Verum-cover-front-FINALThe Grimorium Verum: Volume 3 (Tres Librorum Prohibitorum)

The stories follow the common theme of magic. The Grimorium Verum, the infamous Grimoire of Truth, is the 18th century textbook of Magick attributed to Alibeck the Egyptian and coveted by ‘The Great Beast’ Aleister Crowley. The Grimorium Verum now takes its place as the third installment in the Tres Librorum Prohibitorum series of anthologies.

df637-kneelinginthesilverlight2Kneeling in the Silver Light

“The Unknown Soldier” … “On the Side of the Angels” … “The Wolves of Vimy” … “The Secret of Blackwater Island” … “Where the White Long Roadway Lies” … Here are nineteen stories that look back on the horrors of The Great War, stories in the tradition of Arthur Machen’s “The Bowmen”, which gave rise to the myth of the Angel of Mons. Here are tales that create their own myths of that terrible war.

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