Workshop Day

Workshops are always fun from either side of the table, and today  Peter and I will be giving a talk/workshop for the Cannon Hill Writers Group in Birmingham.

This is a particular pleasure because I honed many of my writing skills there during the nineties and through to the noughties; reading out work and standing back to receive honest critique, and trailing home to embark on those inevitable re-writes.

In the days when I was a CHWG regular we  met at MAC (Midlands Art Centre)  in Cannon Hill Park, and used the creche room, complete with child-sized furnishings… I leave that picture to the imagination!  CHWG were moved on to Hall Green Library during MAC’s refurb a few years ago and never returned. (I would imagine they don’t miss those chairs!)

If you are a writer in the Birmingham area you would be hard pressed to find a better group for honing your skills!

I am looking forward to returning to going back, though I will admit to some trepidation when I know just  how good a lot of those members are as writers.

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