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Miss Dilly & co : Spring is Here, The Mice Are Out

dilly-queen-smallSpring is officially here as Miss Dilly brings in her first young mouse of the season.

Last night Peter opened the back door and she shot in like a bat, straight into the sitting room – looked right at me and spat  a small  and very much live mouse onto the carpet. Continue reading


Writing Genes

John Graham

Some time ago I tried to find information about my father’s family. As my grandfather died when my father was just eight years old – and my grandmother did not stay on contact with her in-laws – I knew nothing about them beyond that my Gr-grandfather was PC 58.G – John Graham –  and was murdered whilst on duty  on25.01.1889

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Clean(ish) Reading in Sussex

Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed smallSussex Tales has, on occasion, fallen foul of internet firewalls.

This – in my experience –  is usually down to software installed by companies or schools attempting to limit staff/pupils web browsing the juicy stuff in work/school-  or else to filter sexploitational spam.

Poor old Sussex is rejected purely because it contains SEX?  🙂 Continue reading

Give Me These Moments Back promo video

Dub 2Give Me These Moments Back by Mike Chinn – youtube!

The Alchemy Press

Here are eighteen stories that range from the depths of the Pacific, the cruel charms of Venice, the price of immortality, to the Appalachian Mountains… Give Me These Moments Back by Mike Chinn is now available.

A ring of external spotlights flared to life, revealing the floor of the Mariana Trench a few metres below us. The backwash filled the observation room with a cold grey light… As one, they gasped at the sight. I didn’t blame them – even though I’d seen it dozens of times, it still caught the back of my throat.

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Guest Writer : Debbie Johnson

djDebbie Johnson is a journalist and writer based in Merseyside. After a lifetime of retelling other people’s stories, she decided to come up with some of her own. She won the Harry Bowling Prize in 2010.


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Sex, Lies… soon to be Out of Print

Sex, Lies and Family Ties going out of print.
Your last chance to buy this one!

The Alchemy Press

Sex Lies 50KB

Sex, Lies and Family Ties by Sarah J Graham will be removed from our catalogue at the end of the month.

By 1970, nineteen-year-old Carol has begun to finally make sense of her life. She rides a motorbike, drinks cider and has smoked her first joint, and experienced danger – and on the day that Jim dies, Carol Hopcraft dances a jig in Mrs. Hamilton’s hallway. When Carol learns of Jim’s death, all the pain of the past floods back to haunt her. Her friend Jacqueline, whom she has relied on for so long, now has life-changing issues as she comes to terms with her own sexuality. Mad Frankie offers her the use of his van for the great rescue, his friendship and more. Meanwhile, Carol has to face up to the emotions bubbling back home, the constant jabbing and feinting between the teenager and her mother that has far…

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Conan Doyle Con, Birmingham

Pd_Moriarty_by_Sidney_PagetQuite excited that I have been asked to be a guest at Conan Doyle Con on Sat 30th May 2015.

Fictitious character or not – as  child I always felt an affinity with Holmes! Holmes is, after all, my mother’s, father’s, family name! (Edwards is the maternal line). Continue reading