One Size Fits All – Not…

jeansOne size fits all is such a common sale’s pitch  that we hardly notice it any more. Yet we all know that it really is not true.  

I was looking in our local branch of a famous ‘wholesale clothing’ store for a pair of basic bootcut jeans this morning and was perplexed to find an entire shelving aisle sporting  just the one size – despite labels on the shelves giving the full range as being in stock.

The size available to buy (but which I didn’t want – not my size) was  16short …   they only had  *16short* in stock? Really?

I assume that either a part-time shelf filler could not be arsed to go back to the store room and get a range of sizes or else the manager was anticipating a stampede of hobbits through the store at any moment.

I did mention the anomaly to a girl on the check out wearing an ‘Assistant Manager’ label and was treated to one those ‘don’t know  and don’t give a damn replies’ – accompanied by one of those ‘challenging/bored’ stares.  It which rather explained the whole crux of the problem.




2 responses to “One Size Fits All – Not…

  1. I know this was a frustrating experience, but I had to laugh. 16 Short? That’s the one size in stock? Really?

    The saddest part was the Assistant Manger who doesn’t know what the word “manage” means…


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