Ms Magneto

Sat-nav-logo-1Some time ago Peter bought a tablet for use when out and about, and was commenting on the fiddly keypad for adding text.  

‘Let me have a go,’ says I. ‘I’ve not had a chance yet. You keep hiding it.’

‘Not bloody likely’, he replies. ‘Not with your track record.’

That may seem mean to those who don’t know me – but he has a very valid point.  I do have a lamentable track record with anything electronic or  battery operated.

Most people wonder what it wold be like to have a superpower. Telepathy, telekinesis, healing  or some such. Mine is not nearly so handy. My superpower was demonstrated just this week when we were off out somewhere unfamiliar, and , whilst Peter was clearing frost from the windscreen I typed our destination into our Satnav.

It failed twice in my hand, returning to the start screen seconds after finding the map. I thought nothing of it when our driveway is between two tall buildings. Lack of signal, not a problem …  It failed a third time less than a mile down the road – and fell off the windscreen for good measure.  Peter pulled over and reset it – and presto – it behaved as a satnav should…

And why? Because –  dear readers  – my superpower is to kill electronica of all kinds!  Heaven help us if either of us ever needs a Pacemaker!

Meanwhile if I want to use a tablet it seems  I will have to get my own because the one we have is off limits!


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