Nelli performing AWhile I was a good pupil my real passion was music. Somehow my parents scraped together enough money to allow me to have after-school tuition and every week I would go to Music School 52 for lessons. Lots of lessons. I had two 45-minute lessons learning to play the piano, one lesson on solfeggio (the theory of music), one lesson on the history of music and one lesson of choir practice. A tough schedule but it was certainly effective.

This is me performing a piano duet by Beethoven in one of the school’s concerts when I was ten (I’m on the left). Good posture!

The piano syllabus concentrated on the music of Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and other classical composers. As I got older we moved on to Chopin and Skriabin and I suspect this is what whetted my appetite for jazz which I took further in my career as a…

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