Interview with Mike Chinn

Interview with Mike Chinn


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Name  Mike Chinn


60 going on 25.

Where are you from

Birmingham, UK – although I was born in Smethwick (and I’m not getting into any argument over whether Smethwick is in Birmingham or the Black Country, The answer is ‘yes’).

A little about yourself: i.e. your education Family life etc.

I live with Caroline, my wife of thirty-three years, and (at present) three guinea pigs. I began an honours degree in Applied Chemistry at Lanchester Polytechnic (now Coventry University) but never completed it and wound up as a laboratory technician at the University of Birmingham’s Medical School. I took early retirement in 2012.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

I have a short story, ‘Radix Omnium Malum’ in the final volume of editor Dean M Drinkel’s Tres Liborum Prohibitorum trilogy: The Grimorium Verum. In March The Alchemy Press is publishing my first ever collection, Give Me…

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