How Times Change!

Old BFS LogoPeter was sorting old floppy discs last week and came across a draft copy of my (BFS) Chairpersons Chat – dated March 1998! Excerpts here. How things have changed!

….Willing helpers stuffed 500 + envelopes with copies of Prism, Dark Horizons 37, Fantasycon Progress Report 1, flyers and leaflets and  raffle tickets!…

Yes – we gathered around each other’s houses to bag up mailings by hand!

Please, please remember to nominate items for this year’s British Fantasy Awards.  Make sure you include as much detail as possible: publisher, source publication for short story, issue, copyright date, etc. …  If you have lost your nominations form either send an SAE to me for another copy, or simply list them on any slip of paper.  

SAE’s ?  no electronica  just stamps and envelopes and snail mail!

...Raffle tickets you received with the last mailing … is a great opportunity to win a £100 book token for Andromeda Bookshop.

…Jan Edwards, March 1998

I don’t remember who won the prize – as chairperson I was not allowed to enter – but it was all good fun!

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