Road (works) Rage

signWhen I went into the high st this morning the shops were abuzz with comment on the local news.   The town centre – such as it is  –  consists of a triangle; two sides of which form a one-way system. It would appear that the only 2-way section  is about to be closed for just over a month for replacement of  gas mains.

Cries of horror about traffic chaos and bad planning etc etc. were to be heard from every corner and though I was amused  I was also  rather exasperated!  It was all I could do not to wack them all over their collective heads with a wet kipper.  Not for the moaning per se, but for their amazing capability to  conveniently  forget what has gone before.

Every few years plans for a by-pass are put forward to relieve the traffic congestion and each time the  town worthies veto those plans –  and the bypass never happens. Yet  it’s those same people  moaning on about the town being effectively closed for over a month.

People, huh?





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