Miss Dilly’s Open Door Policy

Dilly queen smallWhat is it with cats and closed doors?   Why do they look at a closed door and automatically feel a desire – nay, overwhelming obsession – in being on the other side of it?

It is warmer today than it has been but still chilly, so in order to avoid turning on the heat in the whole house I closed my study door and turned on the fan heater for ten minutes. (In general I leave  my study door open  so that I can hear anyone calling at the house;  we get regular book deliveries  and  drivers seldom allow enough time to answer the door at the best of times! (but I digress) ).

So – the door was closed, and then, after a few minutes, over the sound of the fan heater, I could hear odd swishing and tick-click-tapping sounds. This is an old house (1830) and the doors are of the old planking kind with suffolk latches, plus  the floors are largely boarded with strategic rugs so there are gaps beneath those doors.

The sound I could hear was Miss Dilly reaching beneath the door with alternate paws in an effort to reach the edge of the rug. (she had a rug fetish – but that is for another time).

The moment I opened the door she shot in like  a greased ferret and ran circuits of the room shouting her disapproval on being excluded!

She had been fast asleep on the futon minutes before so how did she know the door the door was shut – and she on the other side?

I propped the door open just enough for her to get in or out  at which  she promptly returned to her futon and her telepathically disturbed slumbers.



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