Skin Game: Dresden File #15 by Jim Butcher – reviewed 2014

dfSkin Games by Jim Butcher
Roc. HB (PB this year)
reviewed by Jan Edwards
There are not many series/serials that I follow avidly but this is one, so it’s something of a given so far as I am concerned that a Dresden File will be a good read.

In his role as Winter Night to the Sidhe Queen, Mab, Harry is landed in the midst of a mist net of intrigue and counter plot that Machiavelli would have drooled over. Barely a single person is to be trusted beyond the few people that Harry Dresden can truly call his friends. And even then … some of them have agendas.

Harry’s mission, should he decide to accept, and given that his boss is an all-powerful psychotic Fairy Queen with his life literally in her perfectly manicured hands, that is not really up for discussion, is to break into Hades, under the instruction of Old Nick. With two notable exceptions his team mates would cheerfully kill him should the opportunity arise… Oh, and Harry’s head is set to explode in three days time – quite literally.

Cue 450 pages of non-stop, wise cracking, arse kicking, bone snapping action. If you know and love Harry Dresden then Skin Game is a joy to read. The rest of you will just have to catch up.
Harry seems to be gaining some purchase against Mab and her despotic rule and I am really hoping he finds way out of that durance vile in the next book.

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