Miss Dilly Goes Hunting

Dilly queen smallMiss Dilly proved yet again this morning that she is not a domestic animal at all but some malevolent being from another planet far, far, away;  or possibly another dimension, the jury is out on that one.

A rodent hole has appeared not far from the back door which our three cats have been staking out for some weeks; sitting patiently next to it for hours at a time waiting for whatever lives there to poke a whisker out and meet their doom.

Normal cat behaviour and nothing to write about in the normal sense?  Yes –  for normal cats.

I have seen Miss Dilly crouched beside on several occasions with not just her paw but her entire leg up to the second joint, thrust into the gap as she fished about for the occupants.  Slightly less usual, but not unknown.

But not enough action for our arch-villain Miss Dilly.  This morning  showed her true nature and higher than average level of ‘evil intent’. Presumably tired of sitting beside the hole without any results to show for her efforts … She straddled the hole and peed down it with great precision and accuracy.

From the look of great satisfaction on her face I can only assume that her thinking ran along the lines of  “If I can’t catch them – I’ll  drown the little buggers!”

I am expecting to see a rodent Removals Contractor to pull up any moment as our squatted-upon squatters admit defeat and move out!


4 responses to “Miss Dilly Goes Hunting

  1. How smart… almost frighteningly so!! She could probably teach this cat a few things. Heaven knows I can use all the help I can get in my crazy household 🙂


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