Cats : Weatherwise or Weather Wimps?

Dilly queen smallCat’s know what you are saying at best or at worst can read minds!

It has been snowing on and off most of the day and forecast to snow heavily later on.   Now cats are notorious for hating bad weather, and our three are the wussiest wusses imaginable. Cold coupled with strong winds and nasty wet stuff means they will move heaven and hell to avoid going out.

Having evicted Oberon and Betty to take a short sojourn in the garden while the sun is still shining we looked for the minx of the resident ‘perversity’ (see previous posts).

‘Go and find Dilly,’ says Peter. ‘I think she’s in the spare room on the futon.’

I entered the room just in time to see a tail vanishing ‘beneath’ the futon as the  Dilly-demon made a hasty retreat.

That cat  really does have total understanding of human speech or ESP. I dread to think that it might be the latter!

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