Brigadoon. Not Mythic – Merely Relocated.

brigadoon01Sometimes it seems as though access to this town is cursed when it comes to the weather; the steep hill just a quarter mile away forming a magical bridge that can only to crossed when the auspices are favourable.

On Boxing day my stepson Graham and his partner, Anna, could not leave town due to a lorry skidding on the steep hill blocking the main A road out. Untreated roads. Okay it was a bank holiday and perhaps the lack of gritters could be excused.

Today the self-same thing happened! A normal weekday when snow had been forecast well in advance and no gritting lorry appeared until (one assumes) it was called there by the police to get the road cleared.

In the grand scheme of things it would not affect me that much, except that Misha Herwin and I had an event a Coffee, Cakes and Books event at Leek Library to promote our Penkhull Press titles Sussex Tales and House of Shadows.

As it turned out the Library emailed me to postpone the event until later in the spring as staff had not been able to get to work there, but poor Misha! Stuck in the traffic and then forced to turn back due to the ice covering across the road.  The Library event will rise again, but I missed a morning out with a good friend and that is a shame.

Cut off twice in a month is a bit much though.  Is anybody else reminded of ‘Brigadoon?’


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