A What Of Cats?

Dilly queen smallYou have to wonder at the lists of collective nouns that persistently overlook a very ‘obvious’ observation.

I got rid of the old armchair in my study a while back and put two oversized cushions under the radiator for the puddy-tats.

But do they use them? Of course not!

Queen Dilly is currently reclined on the rug ‘in front’ of them.

I have seen cats collectively referred to as a:  Clowder, Clutter, Colony,  Comfort, Intrigue, Kindle, Litter and/or Pounce.

But all are wrong. The most obvious  collective noun for our feline overlords has to be…

A Perversity!

(piccy taken elsewhen – all that can be seen as I type is a small bundle of coiled up grey fur – she is a very neat sleeper.)



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