Urban Mythic 2: modern day fables


UrbanMythic2The stories in this anthology open an ephemeral portal onto the paranormal where sometimes – but not always – something supernatural slithers. Some of the creations we glimpse through half-closed eyes are awful and evil; others rather more whimsical and wistful. Like the first collection in this series, UM2 presents a dozen short stories by different authors offering different interpretations along the anthology’s theme. The majority are rooted in the modern world and bring the 21st century into fleeting contact with legends and fables from a variety of cultures and countries. Stories like’ For the Memory of Jane’ almost ache with a yearning to return to the old ways – or at least, not to let them be entirely forgotten by old minds in modern times.

The opening story in the collection is, as you’d expect from Tanith Lee, an accomplished if old-fashioned spooky story, one which brings a touch of the…

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