Milestones in the Life of a Book – Joel Lane’s Beneath the Ground

Odd how  we see milestones in our publications.  One such is the announcement of the official OP  status of Beneath The Ground   .

This is/or rather was, a horror anthology edited by the late great and sadly lamented Joel Lane.  A fine collection that all of us were very proud to produce.

To go out of print is the final milestone in the life of any publication but in this case it comes eerily on  the wings of an equally  sad milestone – the anniversary of Joel’s passing. We miss Joel as much now as we ever did. It will be sad not to see the fab cover by Jim Pitts on the Alchemy Press book stands at various events – but from now on the only way you will be able to obtain this one will be in the collectables sections.

Farewell, Joel, and thank you for your wonderful insight and input into our world of fantasy fiction in all its guises.




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