You can never see yourself as others do.  Something that came home to me in a recent newspaper spread for Penkhull Press. (previous post)

My first thought on seeing my image
staring out of the paper was   “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAgh!”

My second thought -“smile you miserable wotsit.”

and the third?

“Put a black wig on me and that could be Aunt Nell.”

Nell was a Welsh-Liverpuddlian nightclub singer and ex drill sergeant major –  and long since passed away.  She was strong women by any measure, as was my mother. My father frequently referred to them when he saw them together’ as ‘the Merthyr Tydfil mafia’ (but only out of earshot!). They were born in Treforest, and not Merthyr, but Pop would never let a small thing like fact get in the way of a good gag.  I had never seen the resemblance to her until today – but that is the nature of image. You never really know how other folks see you.

Nance A


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