Within Wet Walls by Lily Childs

Within Wet Walls by Lily Childs. £2.99 paper, 0.99 ebook. Ganglion Press
A tale of the gothic, erotic and occasionally necrotic from Sussex-born horror writer Lily Childs that sets out an evocative, deeply textured, world. The back-blurb cites influences as James, Dickens and Scott, but for me at least, it was reminiscent of Le Fanu in its vision of ethereal and deadly decadence.
Within Wet Walls follows the decline of Wealdstone House from a debauched, absinthe raddled family pile, to a crumbling ruin. The world that Wealdstone has become a dangerous place, is inhabited by voracious other-wordly beings, who are intent on sucking not just flesh from bones but the very spirit from your dying breath. To say more would give away far too much away.
A thoroughly enthralling and spine-chilling read!

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