Publications Are Like Buses – update on fiction from yours truly

I seem to have a lot going on at the very end of this month! Lots of titles all hitting the shelves at once! Collections, anthologies, DVDs and short fiction. So a quick round-up  seemed to be in order!

Firstly…   Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed smallSussex Tales has just hit the shelves!
Sussex Tales is a rural romp in the grandest tradition of Darling Buds of May with just a hint of Cold Comfort Farm. My Uncle Silas meets Miss Read. Ten interlinked tales take you on a meandering trail through the country year; each vignette ending in a recipe for a country wine or other dish plus notes on the folklore and properties. This substantially revised edition builds on the original book extended retellings of the original anecdotes along with a glossary of old Sussex words and phrases. The original edition of Sussex Tales was the winner of the Winchester Conference ‘Best Slim Volume’ prize.  Paperback edition of the new, revised, edition now available via  for £7.99  Kindle edition £2.88 Available HERE

And wurban mythic 2 final coverearing my editors hat –  on the heels of The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic2  in paperback  £9.00- we now have the kindle edition £3.04

“In the footsteps of volume one, here are a further twelve tales of myth and magic, of legendary creatures, set in the modern age, with stories from: Sarah Ash, James Brogden, Carl Barker, Andrew Coulthard, KT Davies, Pauline E Dungate, Chico Kidd, Tanith Lee, Christine Morgan, Lou Morgan, Marion Pitman and Adrian Tchaikovsky.”


Wicked-Women-72ppi-Front-194x300We now  have Wicked Women from Fox Spirit books ! Edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber.
“Women are pretty bad-ass – be they evil queens, goddesses, super-villains or anti-heroes, warriors, monsters, bad girls, rebels, mavericks or quietly defiant – so with that in mind, we’re looking for stories of women* who gleefully write their own rules. Women who’ll bend or break the social norms, skate along the edge of the law and generally aim to misbehave. With: A. R. Aston, Stephanie Burgis, Zen Cho, Jaine Fenn , Juliet E. McKenna , Christine Morgan, Tom Johnstone, Gaie Sebold , Sam Stone, Adrian Tchaikovski . Jonathan Ward, Chloë Yates”  details HERE  Kindle £3.04  paperback £6.99

White Witch DVD CoverNext come the long awaited  Dr Who DVD The White Witch of Devils End  –  due out on the 31st october

“Damaris Hayman reprises her role as Miss Hawthorne from “The Daemons”. With a blend of dramatic monologue enhanced by visualisations and sound design to develop and tell the stories, this drama is an anthology of tales following the magical life of Olive, from childhood to her final days as protector of Devil’s End. Drawing on a rich heritage and appreciation of witchcraft and folklore, the stories bring her history to life, pitting her against vampire, succubus, fae, daemonic influence and more. As guardian of Devil’s End, she must do whatever is necessary to protect the village…but what happens when she reaches the end of her life? Who will protect the villagers then? The writers of this anthology are Sam Stone, Jan Edwards, David J Howe, Raven Dane, Debbie Bennett and Suzanne J Barbieri”
available from Galaxy4 HERE (dates may be subject to alteration)


phob singleAlso this month  – on 31st october – Phobophobia2 – containing my short story ‘Keraunophobia’ from Western Legends Publishing

“Twenty-six original stories by established masters of horror and talented new voices comprise this anthology of terror, mystery and suspense. Phobophobia2 continues the explorations of our darkest fears that started with the 2011 indie hit Phobophobia. Discover tales about ‘Achluophobia’ (fear of the dark), ‘Ecophobia’ (fear of one’s home), ‘Keraunophobia’ (fear of thunder and lightning), ‘Ombrophobia’ (fear of rain), ‘Trichinophobia’ (fear of poisoning), ‘Ygrophobia’ (fear of water) and ‘Zelophobia’ (fear of jealousy) amongst many others. Compiled and edited by Dean M. Drinkel, the authors ofPhobophobias are: Christopher Beck, Adrian Chamberlin, Lily Childs, Mike Chinn, Raven Dane, Nerine Dorman, Christine Dougherty, Tim Dry, Jan Edwards, John Gilbert, D.T. Griffith, Lisa Jenkins, Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet, Rakie Keig, Amelia Mangan, Peter Mark May, Christine Morgan, John Palisano, Daniel I. Russell, Phil Sloman, Sam Stone, Andrew Taylor, Mark West, Barbie Wilde & D.M Youngquist.” paperback £9.11  kindled £1.92

Also to come from Western Legends The Grimorium Verum – containing my short story ‘Drawing Down the Moon’  details on this volume to follow! (inc illo)

poss cover C 001

And finally – there in the pipeline is a collection of my own supernatural tales.  Leinster Gardens and Other Subtleties  with The Alchemy Press   “A collection of thirteen previously published  ghosts and hauntings plus one brand new tale.  Introduction by Shadow Publishing editor David Sutton.”


Plenty of things to be going on with. Happy Halloween to you all!







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