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Rima Devereaux in Kneeling in the Silver Light (Alchemy Press)

Rima Devereaux interviewed


Emma Hinge in Pulp Heroes

Emma HingeEmma Hinge interviewed

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Urban Mythic Kindle-ness

Just to add to the Octoberfest that is Edwards-lit…

The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2 is  available in Kindle format as of today!  HERE

urban mythic 2 final cover

Publications Are Like Buses – update on fiction from yours truly

I seem to have a lot going on at the very end of this month! Lots of titles all hitting the shelves at once! Collections, anthologies, DVDs and short fiction. So a quick round-up  seemed to be in order!

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Halloween V Punkie Night – it is all the same as it ever was

pumpWe are coming up to that time of year when you hear people here in the UK  start to complain about Halloween being an ‘American import’. Not so. Continue reading

Another Cracking review for Sussex Tales

I have  had a stunning 5 star review for Sussex Tales from  journalist, Barry Lillie!

To read it go to his site here 

or to Goodreads

Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed small



Penkhull Press Titles to be launched at Words From The Clay – 8th November

There are dates and there are dates – and you should all make a date with us here!

The official launch date for Penkhull Press titles at

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