Nancy Hayden interviewed for Kneeling in the Silver Light

Nancy Hayden 2

Nancy Hayden is the author of “Unknown Soldier” which features in Kneeling in the Silver Light.

The Great War started a hundred years ago. What is the link between your story in Silver Light and that war?

I’ve been researching and writing about WWI for several years now. I’ve written other short stories set during WWI, have a WWI blog, and am currently working on a historical novel. I think it’s an incredibly interesting and important time period.

What concerns did you have when it came to writing your story, how you planned to cover the subject matter? Were you worried that the anthology might have become too much like a regular “horror” book?

I had a WWI story about African American Service of Supply soldiers I’d been working on that I thought was suspenseful and creepy. I wasn’t sure it would really be considered “horror”, but I thought it was different enough and strong enough that I sent it in anyway. I was thrilled and honored that is was selected.

When writing stories what’s your usual arena (SF, fantasy, historical, etc)? df637-kneelinginthesilverlight2Did writing (your story) for Silver Light create difficulties because of the change to the war genre?

I’ve written historical (WWI) and fantasy but this was the first time I put the two together, and I’ve been hooked on the combination ever since. I’ve written several more WWI fantasy stories since the Silver Light story that are currently looking for homes.

What’s your preferred choice of reading matter? And do you rather go for novels or short stories?

I like a good story whether it’s short or long. I’m an eclectic reader that runs the gamut from genre fiction (historical, fantasy, SF) to literary and creative nonfiction.

Anything exciting happening on your literary horizon?

I’m continuing to work on short WWI/ dark fantasy stories as well as trying to finish a WWI novel by the end of the year. It’s all very exciting.


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