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Sussex Tales by Jan Edwards Has Landed

Yes, its has happened at last!  Sussex Tales is now available to buy on Amazon

Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed smallWinner of the Winchester Conference Slim Volume prize. Jan Edwards’ prize-winning Sussex Tales runs a witty and thought-provoking gamut of village events and of its more curious characters. From fanged ferrets to bulls in lead masks; ancient hand grenades to exploding ginger beer; cricketing dogs to wassailing orchards, Sussex Tales weaves traditional country wines and recipes, folklore and local dialect, into stories of a farming childhood in the vanished world of 1950’s and 60’s rural life.




“Superbly crafted … creating sub-plots as it unfolds with purpose and fluidity… Whether you’re from Sussex or not this is an appealing and often amusing collection of tales from a bygone age. I defy you not to like them.” – Barry Lillie – Goodreads



Sussex Tales will soon be among us!

Sussex Tales final cover 2nd ed smallSussex Tales will be up for purchase very soon!  (in the next 3-5 days  I am reliably informed!)

So excited!!!!

Tanith Lee on Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2

Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee’s “The Mermaid” is the lead story in The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2.

Tell us a little about yourself and your writing. How long have you been writing and how did you get started?

I’ve been writing since the age of 9 – about 57 years. Being slightly dyslexic (something unrecognised in my childhood) the school couldn’t teach me how to read. My father stepped in and taught me in a few months. About a year later, by then reading as a locust feeds, I began – as if logically – to write. Continue reading

Iain Grant – Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes 3

Iain Grant 2

No, you put another shot of whiskey in there, Joe. I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough. If you’re gonna start nagging me, I’ll find myself another gin mill, one where I’m not being served by my maiden aunt.

Iain Grant’s contribution to Pulp Heroes 3 is the hard-boiled “The Big Picture.” Here he kindly responds to our interrogator’s gentle probing.


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Nancy Hayden interviewed for Kneeling in the Silver Light

Nancy Hayden 2

Nancy Hayden is the author of “Unknown Soldier” which features in Kneeling in the Silver Light.

The Great War started a hundred years ago. What is the link between your story in Silver Light and that war?

I’ve been researching and writing about WWI for several years now. I’ve written other short stories set during WWI, have a WWI blog, and am currently working on a historical novel. I think it’s an incredibly interesting and important time period.

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Chico Kidd on the Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2

chico kidd

Chico Kidd’s “Blood*uckers” features in The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic 2.

What is at the root of your Urban Mythic story?

I’ve always had a soft spot for werewolves. About a year or so ago I started trying out a new voice, an NYPD detective who didn’t just happen to be a werewolf but had joined the police because she was one. “They say the real reason so many weres are drawn to law enforcement is we still want to run in a pack. Though if you ask me I think it’s just ’cause we like chasing stuff.” I spent quite a long time nailing Taz’s voice, and also working on her world (in short, the weres are cops and the vampires are the Mob) and how it all worked and fit together. This story came out of that— in effect, it’s backstory before I’ve even completed the present-day narrative! Continue reading

Alchemy News

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